eCommerce No.1 Company

IBT is a global cross board commerce company that offers global and Korea brand sales and operational agency services in China and globally leading online shopping malls. Based on the deep understanding and experience of the Chinese market, it serves as a stepping stone for entering the global market for domestic companies


CEO Greetings

Introducing No.1 Cross-border E-Commerce Group IBT.

I will become a worldwide promoter for Korean products.

In the past, although China was considered to be merely a “production base” value,
IBT focused on market potential in China. Eventually,
it became the most valuable fruits that IBT can be to exist.

Because of this advanced spirit of the challenge,
we created standards for Korean products and brands
at the leads the field of e-commerce.

Now, based on the know-how of cross-border e-commerce that has accumulated
over the past 10 years, IBT will become Korean products and brand evangelist
where it is not only Chinabut also emerging Southeast Asia,
classical North America Market and anywhere that Korean products
and brands are able to be sold. Furthermore, IBT will keep the effort to
develop the optimal solution as one-stop shopping system for
payment, shipping, and follow-up service.

Together, Let’s Go!

Please challenge the global market with IBT.

Representative Lee Yoon Shick