eCommerce No.1 Company

IBT is a global cross board commerce company that offers global and Korea brand sales and operational agency services in China and globally leading online shopping malls. Based on the deep understanding and experience of the Chinese market, it serves as a stepping stone for entering the global market for domestic companies



China’s leading on-line shopping mall, TMALL, which has a dominant market share in the B2C market in China.
IBT, which is the only formal registered operating company of Tmall in Korea,
operates opening of the brand shop and website construction in Tmall and provides operating service for Marketing, CS, and shipping etc
Major Brands Category : Korean Fashion, Cosmetics & General Products
Planning and contents production for Shopping mall operating promotion



Products planning
Market research in China and
providing strategic planning data
Website Planning and Content
Production design and IT support
Sale and operation of products
Communications with TMALL Staff
Domestic and foreign marketing on TMALL
CS management
Before purchasing, after CS
Claim processing
Shipping Logistics
Warehouse and Logistics Management
Shipping & Returns Processing


CS center operation agency

Chinese customers usually make transactions through messengers or chat services before making purchases, and purchasing decisions based on trust are common.
AS the national trait of Chinese customers, additional purchases continue to occur in highly trusted stores,
CS response through customer center operation is a key point in conducting business in China e-commerce channels.
Accoommate has a branch office in Yancheng, China and hires staff who are fluent in a foreign language and specialized
in CS so they provide international and specialized services.
Basic CS service
· Customer Pre-Sales CS
· Customer Post-Sales CS
· Customer Claim Response
· Inducing purchase conversion by customer consultation
· Inducing recommended products trading success
Operating time
· 7 days a week * 14 hours
· morning, afternoon shift
Operating Exclusive CS for VIP
· Arranging exclusive staff for VIP
· VIP service

Translation and content design services

Websites that are trusted by Chinese customers are that has been accurately translated unless they are official websites for well-known brands in China.
IBT has Korean-speaking Chinese staffs and Korean staffs who have lived in China for a long time and are fluent in Chinese culture and Chinese language.
Through these staffs, we provide translation service in terms appropriate to the trend that reflects the Chinese culture and take product photography
photoshop and more to manage the channel by creating product pages tailored to Chinese customer’s sentiments.T