eCommerce No.1 Company

IBT is a global cross board commerce company that offers global and Korea brand sales and operational agency services in China and globally leading online shopping malls. Based on the deep understanding and experience of the Chinese market, it serves as a stepping stone for entering the global market for domestic companies


CI& Slogan

CI and Slogan symbol of IBT.


The symbol of IBT stands for a company that grows
with partners in a business environment that cannot stand
alone by shaping the steps that go one step further.
It represents the alphabetical form of IBT,
which is the initial of IBT.

accompanies customer
belief color
Symbolizing faith, honesty, prudence,
and IBT’s belief in being
a reliable partner to customers.
Symbol of exchange
and growth
It symbolizes the step that goes one step further and
means that we will become a global cross-border leader company
by exchanging and growing with customers.


IBT is a Cross-Border Leading Company that attaches great importance to be with customers.
The slogan of IBT, which means to go along with customers
has been a great foundation for growth and success with our partners since our foundation.
Together, Let’s go!