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IBT is a global cross board commerce company that offers global and Korea brand sales and operational agency services in China and globally leading online shopping malls. Based on the deep understanding and experience of the Chinese market, it serves as a stepping stone for entering the global market for domestic companies

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Working environment, In-company culture

Working environment China Corporation Korea Corporation

Working environment, In-company culture

Horizontally organizational culture
All employees use English names for a horizontally organizational culture.
Work-life balance
Supporting the happiness of our employees’ lives by providing more vacation than the Labor Standards Act.
In-company cafeteria
The in-company cafeteria serves as a place for relieving stress during business hours and provides drinks and snacks.
Office accessibility
It is close to the Hongqiao hub, and is very close to the Hongquan-Lu Korean Street and Subway Line No. 10 Ziteng-Lu
Subway transfer station for an easy commute (Line 7, Bundang-Line Gangnam-Ward Office station), which is located 3-4 minutes by walk.